Your Style Game Stinks Without African Fashion Pieces

best african fashion websites

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One of the best things about my job is working in an office full of fashion forward men and women. Inspiration and/or style tips are literally just one computer over, which can either make my future shopping trips both overwhelming and/or incredibly easy. Thankfully, my latest “discovery” falls in line with the eccentric aesthetic I’m going for this summer.

Behold, my co-worker’s insanely gorgeous handbag (above). It’s big, yellow and covered in bows; what more could I ask for?! It’ll fit my makeup, yoga gear and whatever random items I buy on the way home. Long story short–I need this or some version of it in my closet ASAP.

Unfortunately, it was a gift from her father, which means there is no chance of me snagging, but it is from Ghana, one of the many prime destinations for African fashion. I’ve always been here for the bold prints, vibrant colors and hand woven pieces created by designers with a strong sense of cultural pride.

It makes you feel fierce and in charge, no matter where you’re from and thankfully, there are countless sites that cater to this sector of the fashion world. If you’re in the market for a style makeover with pizzazz, get familiar with our top 10 shopping sites for African fashion and recommended buys!

Kisua Africa

best african fashion websites
Suggested Buy: African Print Pencil Dress, $145

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