We’re Tipping Our Hats to Princess Diana’s Timeless Toppers

Not your average royal, Princess Diana spent her days as a doting mother and humble humanitarian - all while looking impeccably chic. Long before enviable fashion plate Kate Middleton rose to prominence, Diana reigned supreme in all things grace and glamour by exuding endless amounts of charisma - it's no wonder she was dubbed "The People's Princess." Her perfectly tailored dresses and statement-making coats were exquisite in their own right, but it was Princess Di's colossal collection of fascinators that took her timeless style to new heights. From bow-detailed creations to polished pill box hats to ornate plumed toppers, she knew that creating illustrious ensembles could be accomplished at the drop of a hat.

In honor of the British beauty, we are celebrating her eternal style with a look back at some of her most fabulous toppers.

Photo Shoot & Fashion Show Tips

"Always pay attention to where the photographer has placed their lighting and ask if theres movements or angels that her/she prefer that you avoid."

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