The Sexiest Dresses to Wear to Your Bachelorette Party

There's so much planning that goes into a wedding, but one of the best parts is finally saying yes to the dress. Congrats! Finding that special one is an accomplishment in itself, but wait, you're not done yet. You still have a whole list of dresses on your shopping agenda, and a showstopping bachelorette party dress is one of them. Finding it doesn't have to be difficult. Here to save you from the long search are 30 little white dresses to fit your style and budget. It's your last wild outing as a single gal, so make it a great one. Snag the head-turning dresses ahead.

Photo Shoot & Fashion Show Tips

"Learn to use the energy in your eyes. From the photographers perspective, the eyes can make or break an image. New models that have the "look" also must know how to convey the feeling with their eyes."

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