The Best Freshening Masks On The Market Right Now

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If our favorite Snapchat queens are any indication (ahem ahem… Kylie Jenner and Aimee Song), face masks are awesome!

From sheet masks to fresh face masks sans preservatives, there’s now a seemingly endless array of products to choose from to meet your beauty desires when it comes to the face mask. Hydrating, stimulating, infusing, or calming – for any sensation you are hoping to achieve or skin condition to address, there’s a face mask to meet your needs.

Face masks aren’t only good for your skin in general, masks help with creating a relaxing ritual in your nightly or morning routine. The process of creating a tranquil and serene practice focused around the largest organ you have —your skin— will go a long way to benefit you by giving attention to the part of the body that endures the most from the day to day.

Additionally, cleansing is a crucial practice to keep skin free of clogging agents and to remove the makeup that we love so much. But face masks increase cleansing power to the maximum. Masks can be specifically designed to not only remove impurities, but detox the skin immensely. Ensure your skin loves you back by loving it with the best face masks on the market.

Some of our favorites include the fresh face masks from Lush. Our favorite, Brazened Honey uses free range eggs, honey, almonds, and lime oil to leave skin noticeably softer, fresher, and brighter. We can’t get enough. Tell us what you think of our favorite face masks and we hope you (and your skin) thank us!

Get into a therapeutic new ritual by adding a freshening mask into your beauty routine. Scroll through our picks and find your favorite!

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