The Affordable Trick For Giving Your Designer-Obsessed Friends the Gift of Luxury

Listen, you can't trick a label-lover. So if your best friend, mother-in-law, grandma (whoever!) is obsessed with designer goods, get her what she came for this holiday season. Actually, it's not hard to find small leather accessories, sunglasses, or even a stylish bracelet from the biggest fashion houses.

Lucky for you, we did the browsing and kept high-fashion taste in mind. Ahead you'll find 22 perfect picks for the girl who doesn't just love fashion, she L-O-V-E-S it. You might have to shell out a bit of cash, but none of our selections rings in over $500, and some are below $100 - we promise. Go ahead and put a smile on her face.

Photo Shoot & Fashion Show Tips

"Relaxed and elegant hands usually make for a better photo. Try to avoid placing your hands in positions or angles that will make them look like a "claw" in a still frame."

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