Steampunk Photoshoot BHS Video

Steampunk photoshoot concept with model Gwendolyn Kotek. Check out the Behind the scenes video of the steampunk concept. The shoot took place in Belmont NC with an out of service train. Gwendolyn came up with the amazing wardrobe and accessories. I have always wanted to and some steampunk photos to my portfolio. check out the video below and feel free to leave any comments or suggestions. Hopefully this is not my last steampunk photoshoot.

steampunk photo, steampunk photography, todd youngblood

Steampunk photography by charlotte photographer Todd Youngblood

steampunk photo by Todd Youngblood

steampunk photo

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Photo Shoot & Fashion Show Tips

"Relaxed and elegant hands usually make for a better photo. Try to avoid placing your hands in positions or angles that will make them look like a "claw" in a still frame."

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