Recyclable Stained Glass Dress

stained glass dress

Stained Glass Dress Recyclables Contest design

WINNER best recycled design!

“This dress is made from a few hundred recycled flyers and brochures from Opera Carolina. It is to promote the opera Barber of Seville opening in October here in Charlotte. My inspiration for the swirled skirt was a barber pole, and the stained glass look because I love stained glass and I thought it would be a different approach to working¬†with paper than I had used before.I try and make dresses for Opera Carolina that could actually be modern fashion if they were to be made from fabric.” – Emily Kramer Designs

Photo Shoot & Fashion Show Tips

"Learn to use the energy in your eyes. From the photographers perspective, the eyes can make or break an image. New models that have the "look" also must know how to convey the feeling with their eyes."

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