Pirelli Calendar 2016 features female icons, not models. Reddit community calls them “old and disgusting”.

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The Pirelli Calendar has always celebrated the traditional notion of the pin-up girl: physically gorgeous, wearing little-to-nothing, photographed with the sole purpose of giving men something to drool (let’s leave it at that) over.

That’s definitely what last year’s Steven Meisel-photographed series delivered.

But little by little, things have been changing. Recall the calendar from 2013, shot by Steve McCurry – internationally renowned photojournalist and the man behind the famous green-eyed “Afghan Girl” portrait that graced the cover of National Geographic. McCurry’s shots included a demure and pregnant Adriana Lima, serious-looking portraits of fully clothed supermodels, and as much gritty scenery as there was skin.

And now comes the biggest deviation from the formula of all. A Pirelli Calendar featuring pin-ups who aren’t models.

Pirelli Calendar 2016

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