#PFW KENZO Fall Winter 2017.18 Men’s + Women’s Collections

presented Fall Winter 2017.18 collection during the Paris Fashion Week. Inspired by surfing subculture, artistic directors Carol Lim and Humberto Leon presented both men’s and women’s collections in Paris Eventet Center.


A discovery of an arctic surfing subculture led us to a wardrobe that combines wild protection with an urban sensibility. Celebrating the women and men who experience as raw an environment as it gets, and hoping for it to continue forever. Vivid colors appear throughout – winter blue and raincoat yellows. Prints include geo tiger patterns, checks and argyles, Hawaiian meets Arctic surfer floral, glacier beach and degrade aurora borealis. Knits are intricate and robust. Northern folklores appear with ribbon on dresses and skirts. Shearlings in orange are propped up against peplum parkas. Dresses feature x-ray layering. Ready-for-survival, shrunken ski gear. Coats auto-affixed to blazers and leather argyles. The use of our backstage as the set for this show was a conscious decision to create dialogue with Ideas For Us and to contribute financially to their cause. In addition, for Fall 2017 we have partnered with Earth Guardians to create products that will further push their message. – from Kenzo

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