Penn Badgley’s Bride Chose the Most Low-Key Wedding Dress

It wasn't Dan Humphrey's style to have a big, extravagant wedding, nor his alter ego Penn Badgley's. The Gossip Girl star quietly tied the knot with Domino Kirke (her sister is Jemima Kirke from Girls) in a small, intimate courthouse wedding in Brooklyn, New York. While Penn wore a navy suit, his bride slipped into a lace minidress with sleeves and a pair of classic pumps. She covered up with a coat and, save for a small floral bouquet, there was little indication she was getting married.

The low-key couple then celebrated their nuptials with friends and family, where Domino stayed in the same dress. Unlike some over-the-top brides who have multiple outfit changes, it seems Domino was happy with her choice. The timeless dress is likely one she can wear again. Scroll through to see photos from the ceremony, then shop similar bridal options.

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