Meet Queen Rania, Victoria Beckham’s Totally Posh Style Icon

Wait, Victoria Beckham, most posh lady in all the land, has a style icon? That's what we thought, too, when we saw how many similarities the high-fashion designer and Queen Rania of Jordan share. After seeing the two power women take the red carpet together at the Social Good Summit in New York, we couldn't help but do a little digging.

It turns out, the queen, who also happens to have four children like Victoria, is a pretty royal choice for outfit inspiration. Her wardrobe includes plenty of polished, professional suit sets and a few bold, in-your-face dresses that are a staple in every fashion girl's closet. Yes, especially Mrs. Beckham's.

Read on to see all of the looks that both Queen Rania and Victoria have mastered, and just try to tell us you don't recognize the resemblance between their ensembles!

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"Always pay attention to where the photographer has placed their lighting and ask if theres movements or angels that her/she prefer that you avoid."

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