Kourtney Kardashian’s Monogrammed Sandals Will Make You Do a Double Take

When Kourtney Kardashian recently stepped out in a sexy all-black outfit, we thought she was debuting an unexpected pair of matching foot tattoos. After taking a closer look, we realized it wasn't fresh ink but rather a cool pair of personalized heels. Both of her sandals had clear straps with her nickname, Kourt, written in cursive across them. We were immediately inspired to be like that character in Mean Girls who copied Cady Heron's army pants and flip-flops. And it turns out we actually can because Marskinryyppy offers these heels online - if we can find $600 to cough up, that is.

The unique retailer allows you to pick between three different leather options for the heel sole (black, navy, or tan) and two different heel choices (skinny four-inch or chunky two-inch heels). Then comes the fun part - the customizing! You can personalize each shoe with as many as 12 characters, either letters or numbers (so if you'd like to give your cell phone digits out to random people on the street via foot communication, this is your dream pair of shoes). Kourtney opted to have her name on both straps, but customers also have the option to put different words on each foot (such as "Carpe" on one foot and "Noctem" on the other, an example the website provides).

Or if you're Yolanda Hadid (see ahead), you can get your daughters' names stitched on them so they're always close to your feet - er, heart.

Get an up-close look when you read on.

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