Kendall Jenner’s Balmain x H&M video is a bit WTF

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There’s plenty of enthusiasm around the Balmain x H&M collection which launches in stores next week, but whether the latest video campaign will do much to add to it, I’m not entirely sure. Kendall Jenner stars in the film which has something to do with futuristic dance battles on a speeding train between her Balmain-clad clique and rival gangs. Courtesy of extremely choppy editing, you can’t ever tell if anyone’s dancing is actually any good. Jenner does a whole 5 seconds worth of actual moves and spends the rest of the time trying to look fierce.

Still, if you can work out the point of the strange narrative – or indeed simply enjoy it for the clothing – than by my guest. You can judge it for yourself after the break.

kendall jenner hm balmain video campaign

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