Kendall Jenner’s Invisible Jeans Will Make You Rethink Your Basic Denim

Kendall Jenner's street style never disappoints. She seamlessly manages to mesh edgy and chic styles all while looking unbelievably comfortable, and her latest ensemble is no different. Kendall was spotted out in Los Angeles, wearing what we're calling the hot new denim trend for warmer months. Or is it?

The supermodel stepped out wearing short jean shorts embellished with "Spice Wear" and a tiny British flag, but where the hemline stopped, the stitching continued down the side of her leg, eventually wrapping around her ankles. These could be the coolest new denim trend or the most destroyed ripped jeans in denim history. We're going with both.

She paired the shorts with an oversize red and white striped button-down shirt with subtle cutouts under the arms, performing a slouchy side tuck on one side. The Kardashian-Jenner sisters are no strangers to daring denim trends and Kendall's might be the trendiest yet. Keep reading to see her unique style and let us know if you'd be into trying the look.

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