Hotel magic with Lara Bender

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If you haven’t already, chances are you’ll finally get the otherworldly appeal of face jewellery once you’ll see Lara Bender’s gorgeous face dripping with their sparkle —cheeks, forehead, chin all dotted with precious gems. Something about the dim-lit interior of a hotel room enfolding the ethereal presence of a blonde nymph, about the mysterious specks of blur shielding her subtle sensuality, sure spells out magic.

Henryk Lobaczewski captures the midnight fantasy from behind lens, having a jaw-dropping Lara sporting Candice Lewin’s compelling styling, a fusion of fur jackets worn over black lingerie, of body-conscious dresses revealing bare shoulders, of white, exaggerated ruffles shining under blue neon lights.

Henryk Lobaczewski face jewellery editorial

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"As a photographer assisting or shooting, I have seen colorful nails ruin a photo or cause the photographer to avoid a shot all together because the model had fingernail polish that just threw everything off. Yes photoshop could probably correct the problem, don't want to rely on that. Natural is always better unless your nail color is a planned part of the shoot/concept."

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