Hold the Flower Crown – What 1 Editor Actually Wore to Coachella

Coachella's like the Super Bowl of festivals. The stakes are high, which makes it easy to get caught up shopping and dressing for the three-day event. That was me last year. I shopped for "Coachella-esque" pieces, packed a week's worth of outfits for the long weekend, and wore shimmery flash gold tattoos. I wanted to look the part, and I achieved that. But after day one, I learned an important lesson: don't dress for the festival theme at the expense of your personal style.

With that in mind, as I headed to Indio, CA, a second time, I made sure to pack pieces that were cute and, most importantly, sensible. What did that mean? A bandanna or a scarf to cover your face from the dust was a must. Sneakers, preferably a pair you don't mind getting ruined, and a backpack or purse to hold the essentials, like water and a wallet. Instead of being overly worried what people would think about my outfit or if it seemed "Coachella-y" enough, I selected comfortable pieces from my closet I'd wear again, beyond the desert. I left the flower crowns and fake tats at home. Read on to see my actual outfits, plus a few festival style lessons I learned along the way.

Photo Shoot & Fashion Show Tips

"Relaxed and elegant hands usually make for a better photo. Try to avoid placing your hands in positions or angles that will make them look like a "claw" in a still frame."

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