Halloween Dream: Use These Electric Eye Shadow Colors

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Halloween is here and if you are deciding to take on a character in recognition of said celebration then you know that while you invest a lot of time in finding the perfect costume, you might also stop into your favorite cosmetic store to pick up some beauty goodies that will make your look that much more authentic.

Whether your simply channeling your inner diva with a light, and natural make up look or deciding to go full force with your make up Halloween is definitely the time to pull out all the stops and let your inner artist shine through.

So why not start with the feature of the face that typically gets the most attention, your eyes. Check out these eye shadows that are sure to dazzle and electrify your look this Halloween, with tips and tricks for easy and professional application.


Nars, Eye Paint, $25


If you’re looking for color that is sure to define the eye and give it some true pop, try using a cream shadow like Nars’ eye paint. This ultra pigmented “black valley” color is perfect for those that need an intense smokey Halloween eye, and can be used to achieve that zombie look your friend is going for.

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"As a photographer assisting or shooting, I have seen colorful nails ruin a photo or cause the photographer to avoid a shot all together because the model had fingernail polish that just threw everything off. Yes photoshop could probably correct the problem, but...you don't want to rely on that. Natural is always better unless your nail color is a planned part of the shoot/concept."

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