Forget Here’s an Outfit Guide For Every Temperature

It's Fall, but aside from stowing away our open-toed heels and strappy sandals, it can be hard to figure out what else to do when it comes to transitional dressing. Do you pull out your turtlenecks straightaway? Are your miniskirts now totally off limits, or can you slip them on with over-the-knee boots? It's OK - we've found ourselves asking the same questions. And that's why it's time for some answers.

We're breaking down the temperatures and offering up the best possible outfit for every high and low, from now through the end of Winter. That means the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is check the forecast, then come back here to source this handy guide. And hey, if you look through and realize you need to do a little coat shopping, there's nothing wrong with that.

Photo Shoot & Fashion Show Tips

"Relaxed and elegant hands usually make for a better photo. Try to avoid placing your hands in positions or angles that will make them look like a "claw" in a still frame."

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