9 things to get onto for fall – before everyone else does

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The summer to fall transition would feel that much harder if it weren’t for all of the gorgeous style incentives just waiting to take hold of your wardrobe. If the fashion trends for fall 2015 are any indication, things are about to get luxuriously cozy with all of the rich fabrics, snug knits and retro silhouettes hitting the store shelves around this time of the year.

But a seamless transition from season to season doesn’t require a complete wardrobe makeover, it just begs for a few smart investments and a couple of styling tricks for all things to feel anew.

Below, the 9 things to get onto for fall – before everyone else does.

fall fashion to get onto

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"As a photographer assisting or shooting, I have seen colorful nails ruin a photo or cause the photographer to avoid a shot all together because the model had fingernail polish that just threw everything off. Yes photoshop could probably correct the problem, but...you don't want to rely on that. Natural is always better unless your nail color is a planned part of the shoot/concept."

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