7 Affordable Spring Shoe Styles That Prove the Best of Both Worlds Is Completely Possible

Sometimes, it feels as if you're stuck between two versions of yourself: the one who likes to follow the hottest trends of the season, and the other, wiser, and budget-minded self, who'd rather not spend that (yikes!) on [insert article of clothing here]. It's a rough and unfair dilemma, but we feel your pain. Which is why we've done some research, rounding up seven shoe styles taking over this Spring - without breaking $200.

So now it's time to celebrate, because whoever said you can't have the best of both worlds? Totally wrong. It lies right ahead, waiting and whispering, "Add me to cart!"

Photo Shoot & Fashion Show Tips

"As a photographer assisting or shooting, I have seen colorful nails ruin a photo or cause the photographer to avoid a shot all together because the model had fingernail polish that just threw everything off. Yes photoshop could probably correct the problem, but...you don't want to rely on that. Natural is always better unless your nail color is a planned part of the shoot/concept."

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