5 Favorite Brands From The EDIT Trade Show

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Brands have to be far more creative than they’ve ever had to be in the past. That means they can no longer just create beautiful apparel and accessories and hope buyers will come. No, in fact, they have to design with a purpose, be consistent, and look for avenues to highlight their company.

With this purpose in mind, the EDIT trade show was created.


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The three day event in NYC’s Javitz Center is hosted by the Business Journals Fashion Group and has the mission of creating a marketing experience that surpasses the status quo.

“It was the fifth season for EDIT and we welcomed interesting new brands —including a group of fantastic ready-to-wear and accessory brands from France curated by Sophie Guyot— as well as 80-some other brands from the U.S., Canada and around the globe,” Alex d’Archangelo, EDIT’s show director said.

With a variety of brands participating in the show (fur, leather goods, apparel, etc.), it serves as an intimate setting for conversation and introducing buyers to up-and-coming and established brands. And for many of these brands, it introduces them to the U.S. market.

“We provided a luxe, relaxed, and qualified environment for these brands to gain exposure and new business in the U.S. We can’t wait for September!”

Walking around as a total outsider, it was fascinating to touch the clothing and speak to the designers behind the brands. Unpretentious, the entire venue is filled with talent who simply wanted to talk about their work.

On the next pages, find five of the top brands we fell in love with—and their most recent collection.

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