28 Fashion Facts About Victoria Beckham That Just Might Blow Your Mind

My first and fondest memory of Victoria Beckham is from Spice World. The then-pop star, who went by the name of Posh, stood in front of the mirror on the Spice Girls tour bus, admiring herself in "the little Gucci dress," as Emma, Mel B, Mel C, and Geri looked on in amusement. Posh was trying to figure out what to wear, which always culminated in her go-to uniform. Not much has changed.

While Victoria has recently defined her style as rather relaxed with a pair of sneakers, there's no denying her taste for sophistication. She prefers structured silhouettes that still flatter the body from all angles and she designs her collections to reflect that aesthetic season after season.

While she's made the tricky transition from celebrity to well-respected, award-winning fashion leader (she's set to receive an OBE from the queen for her fashion and charity work) her love for the industry has remained steadfast along the way. Read on to track Victoria's fashion timeline and learn plenty of facts you've never read before.

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"All models should know how to apply their own make-up, and keep the necessities  with you even if your provided a Make-up artist, the unexpected can happen!"

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