23 Holiday Gifts Worthy of a Street Style Star

There's one thing every fashion girl really wants in life: to be a street style star. Whether it's on her Instagram, blog, or even the book she's putting together, the winning fashion formula involves clothes, a camera, and a whole lot of accessories.

So what does the fashion It-girl in your life deserve this holiday season? That's easy; these pieces are the basics every aspiring style star really needs. From the high-tech accessories to the wardrobe staples, you can't go wrong treating her to any of these chic picks. So, before she's back in front of the camera, make sure she is armed with everything she needs. #Blessed.

- Additional reporting by Marina Liao

Photo Shoot & Fashion Show Tips

"All models should know how to apply their own make-up, and keep the necessities  with you even if your provided a Make-up artist, the unexpected can happen!"

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