11 Style Hacks to Remember the Next Time You’re Packing For a Cold-Weather Vacation

When it comes to packing for Summer travel, we have that down to a science. A pair of denim shorts here, a skimpy tank there, but when it comes time to pack for a Winter getaway, cue the headache. Because if you've ever found yourself trying to cram an extra sweater in between all your boots and jackets, we've been there. These heavier items don't always pack nicely.

Through our struggles, we figured there has to be a less painful way to pack for cooler weather, and of course, we found the advice through our favorite bloggers. These jet-setters travel year round and always look good in any weather situation. Read on for some style hacks we picked up from these ladies, and then shop some key pieces mentioned. The next time you travel somewhere cold, you won't need to step foot in any store to pick up extra clothing. Everything will be right in your suitcase.

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"Learn to use the energy in your eyes. From the photographers perspective, the eyes can make or break an image. New models that have the "look" also must know how to convey the feeling with their eyes."

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