10 Trendy Pieces You Can Actually Borrow From Mom’s ’70s Closet

If you're planning some major shopping for the start of Fall, there's one place to look before you start filling your shopping cart: Mom's closet. Since we're seeing '70s-era trends everywhere these days, those bell-bottoms you once laughed at your mother for wearing are actually back in style again (along with plenty of other boho staples).

But, because your Mom's closet - and even basement - may not be the easiest to navigate, we broke down exactly what to look for. These are the pieces of yesteryear that the fashion world is coveting all over again, and they can be yours without spending a single penny. Just read on for a refresher, and then get hunting. That way, you can say you got it from your momma - and it would be the absolute truth.

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"Always pay attention to where the photographer has placed their lighting and ask if theres movements or angels that her/she prefer that you avoid."

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