10 Reasons To Copy These Beauty Vloggers For BTS Season

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Every school year brings something different—new friends, memories…and makeup!

After all, the first order of business is to pose for a school identification card and you don’t want the photographer to capture a face that will haunt you for the entire year. Avoid a complete catastrophe by prepping your cosmetics bag first. Full, groomed eyebrows, over lined lips and contoured cheek bones are trending, so for starters, you’ll need  a brow gel, lip liner and rosy blush.

Also, keep in mind that whatever you wear should be easy enough for everyday application. There’s nothing worse than being late to class. Keep reading to see some of our favorite beauty vloggers flaunting beautiful everyday makeup.


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"Relaxed and elegant hands usually make for a better photo. Try to avoid placing your hands in positions or angles that will make them look like a "claw" in a still frame."

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